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Friday, December 30, 2011

Company Sues Over Loss of Twitter Followers

When Noah Kravitz left PhoneDog LLC, he changed his Twitter name. The company insists that the list of followers should be considered a customer list, with each name/user being worth $2.50, and also insists that Kravitz should pay PhoneDog LLC $340,000 for taking them.

Experts dispute PhoneDog LLC's reasoning, and at least one said he has never heard of a similar case. The dollar amount put on each follower has also been questioned, with one expert calling Twitter followers "transient."

Kravitz insists he used the account largely to muse on sports and similar things, and even sent out a tweet regarding contests and giveaways from PhoneDog LLC after he left the company. Kravitz says this is simply a malicious countersuit, since he brought a case against them earlier in the year for unpaid wages. PhoneDog LLC did not respond.

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