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Friday, November 25, 2011

Netflix Hit 20-Month Low This Week

As we reported earlier, Netflix offered a lot of stock to the market in order to raise some $200-400 million dollars, even though they ended September with over $350 million. Stock prices have plunged since rate increases and a attempt to divide the DVD mail order side of the business from the streaming media side.

I spent last night watching old episodes of sit-coms with Thanksgiving themes on Netflix and that really brought the holiday home for me. These episodes probably showed on cable but since I cut the cord, Netflix is the only place I could find them legally. While many are predicting Netflix' downfall, they have made some strong moves recently and I feel a lot of people are focusing on the bad things when it comes to reporting on the company.

I still believe Netflix to be a strong company and brand, and I couldn't imagine them trying to bring on the Quikster idea. Now that that particular folly has been killed, and new deals with major distributors have been secured, I think Netflix will continue to grow.

Again, I'm sticking with it. And despite the fact that I've been known to back the wrong horse from time to time thanks to my fondness for the underdog, Netflix isn't really in an underdog position. I think the satellite and cable companies really hurt themselves with their big push earlier in this saga, and more and more people are starting to cut the cord because of that. Billing with Netflix is direct and simple and even when they lose their Starz content, they will still have more TV than most providers.

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