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Monday, August 1, 2011

"Dumb" Stuff

I know that some of the "tips and tricks" I publish here seem kinda stupid, or at least common sensical to the point that no one should probably ever need them, but the truth is that I posted them because I came across them at one point or another and managed to figure them out.

A lot of them are common sense but everybody makes mistakes, and when you are buried in work and have your head in 30 different things at the same time, it's these silly little things that can split your focus and completely drain you of your impetus. There are at least two or three of these "dumb" things posted here that cost me hours -- even days (not all the way through, I just mean that I wound-up working on them for more than one day) -- so hopefully, by sharing them, I'm saving at least a handful of other people from going through that.

I'm not dumb, and I actually have some measure of common sense, but everyone has their days. Plus, when you're working through as many programs as I usually have open, it's incredibly easy to lose sight of "simple" things. So, they aren't just "filler" -- I really hope they help.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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