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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Networks Block Content from Google TV

According to some reports, several networks have blocked their content from being shown on Google TV, as it does not fit with their current financial model. Spokespersons have said they worry that Google TV will promote "pirated" TV streams which have removed advertisements, and will encourage more people to cut the cord.

However, some have also said they are hoping to work-out a plan to work with Google TV, as they believe it has a lot of potential. The basic concept is to allow viewers to choose what they want to watch and when, freeing them from the schedule. Google also allows viewers to search for the shows in which they are interested, which would potentially bring some shows more viewers -- specifically those who are unable to watch programs shown at inconvenient times.

Time Warner added that cable and satellite companies have traditionally done a poor job when it comes to helping customers navigate the ocean of channels provided. This article from NPR explains the ongoing debate in full detail.

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