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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'No Texting During Movie' Campaign

Now through Christmas, Harkins Theatres is promoting a "No Texting During Movie" campaign in all of its chain lobbies. Posters bearing the slogan will be placed in lobbies, in many cases, replacing the Coming Attractions one-sheets.

The Scottsdale, Arizona-based chain is not banning the practice, per se, but trying to 'gently steer' patrons from the widespread practice. The posters read, "You wouldn't text in church or an important meeting, and we're trying to create some social rules here, too." This leads me to think the theater owners are out of touch with the movie-going public -- not for wanting to ban movie-goers from texting during shows, which is something with which I think most of us agree, but for thinking people don't text during church or important business meetings.

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