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Friday, July 30, 2010

Should FBI Have Access to e-Mail, Web History?

According to opponents of a proposed revising of the 1993 amendment to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the FBI would be allowed to request personal information from ISPs without need for a court order or judge's approval, and that crosses the line, becoming an invasion of personal privacy. Others say the proposed changes only clarify what the 1993 amendment already states.

Opponents say the key changes are buried within the proposed changes, and that -- as much as anything else -- makes them suspect. Further, the FBI can already request this information under the Patriot Act, but must first get a court order allowing them to do so; the proposed changes would alleviate their need for said order, giving them the right to request not only a person's e-mail and web activity, but also that of those whom he has e-mailed/contacted.

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