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Thursday, July 29, 2010


Apple's iPhone 4 and FaceTime app have been usurped by the porn industry. According to sources, adult agencies have Craigslist ads in at least five cities looking for adult models to participate in real-time sex chat sessions with paying customers. Some of the ads even offer models a free iPhone 4.

Of course, this is nothing new -- the porn industry has always been an early-adopter of new technology, and we actually owe much of today's standards in streaming media, online payments, and similar features to the advancements it made in those arenas back in the 1990s -- but Apple has worked hard to keep its iPhone apps clean. It came under fire from third-party app developers, and eventually the authorities, for banning certain apps deemed offensive, and has maintained one unflinching rule: No porn. However, FaceTime is a feature of the new iPhone.

While some child advocacy groups have displayed concern, Apple suggested parents turn-off the feature and/or create a "Safe List" for children. No one seems to be under the impression that children don't really need an iPhone 4 for some reason. Whatever.

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