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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Timeliness, Completeness

I know some of the stories I'll be bringing you over the next few weeks are actually several months old. The truth is that many of them are nowhere near "news" anymore, but they are newsworthy to cyberculture, and I'm going for completeness moreso than timeliness.

Like I say over to The Rundown, I have no way of "breaking" news - I am only one guy - so I go for reporting the stories that interest me, and because I am something of an "authority" in these matters (to the extent that I have been doing this for a long time and continue to be interested in it, and that I run blogs dedicated to these subjects), I figure they will interest you, as well.

I want The Cyberculturalist to be a repository of information regarding online culture, and because of recent developments, I was not able to get to a lot of stories as soon as I wanted. Despite the fact that they are no longer new, they are still relevant, and months, even years, from now, when people search for them, I want to be sure they can find them here.

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