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Friday, May 28, 2010

Google Buys AdMob

Last week, the FTC closed a six-month antitrust investigation by unanimously approving Google's $750 million purchase of mobile ad service, AdMob. Ironically, it was Apple's courting of the ad firm which prompted the ruling. Apple had been in negotiations with AdMob before Google made a better offer last November. Apple instead purchased Quattro Wireless.

This is the second time in three years the FTC has investigated Google. The last time was in 2008, when Google acquired DoubleClick. Of course, no one truly believes the FTC, or anyone for that matter, will ever stand in Google's way, because Google owns them all. John Simpson of Consumer Watchdog called the decision "incomprehensible" and noted it "demonstrates Google's clout in Washington." With the acquisition, Google now has a 21% share of the US mobile ad market.

Apple is now facing a possible investigation by the FTC and the Justice Dept., over requiring developers to use Apple programming tools to create iPhone and iPad applications and refusing to make Adobe's Flash technology available on the platforms.

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