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Friday, May 28, 2010

OK and Cancel Offscreen, Screen Won't Resize - Can't Press OK or Cancel

If you find that certain windows, specifically windows launched from within programs (such as Preferences), stretch beyond the screen, pushing the OK and Cancel buttons offscreen, your text is simply too large.

These days, with all of the different monitors and sizes, many computers are capable of great resolutions. The problem is that these resolutions make the text too small to read! To get around this, many people - myself included - often increase the onscreen text size. However, this usually results in internal program windows not appearing correctly, and even though Windows 7 alerts you to this problem when you change your settings, most people tend to overlook the warning (as they do with most warnings and TOS agreements).

To change your text back to its original size in Win7, right-click on your desktop and choose Screen Resolution. In that screen, choose Make text and other items larger or smaller, then change your setting back to 100% (default). You must reboot for the effects to occur.

You can also change your monitor's resolution to a lower setting, but that will result in lower-quality graphics. Generally speaking, the benefits to larger text on higher resolution far outweigh the occasional screen that won't fit on your monitor, but before you set about making numerous changes, you should probably switch the text back to normal until you are done.

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