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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

txt helps kids lrn 2 spel lolz

According to a report from a research project still underway, children who text are actually improving their spelling skills. The year-long study of 63 English students is only at its midway point, but the data indicates that texting is "actually driving the development of phonological awareness and reading skill in [the] children."

While texting, basically a toy language, consists mostly of acronyms, phonetic spellings, and alpha-numeric combinations ("l8r" = later), the study proved that the shorthand increased the same phonological awareness as spelling correctly. After all, the intentional misspelling of a word to successfully communicate the same thing requires an understanding of the correct spelling and usage of the word.

The study continues through next year but so far, researchers say they have found no negative results from txting.

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