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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Blog Redesign on the Way

I know it seems like I just did one -- because I kinda did -- but it's been well over a year since the blogs got their facelifts and things are sagging once again.  I never liked this design that much to start with, it was just the closest I could find to what I was going for, and I didn't have time to keep trying to develop one on my own (still don't, but it's got to be done).

All of the blogs except The OddBlog are going to undergo serious redesign over the next several months.  I have only the faintest, most general, idea as to what I want -- I know which elements must be kept and at least some of them have specific placement -- so I'm giving no ETA or anything.  I also don't know Blogger language, so even though I may end-up trying my hand at coding some unique template(s), I'm probably just going to find a template I like and run with it.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'm all ears!

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