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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Security Check

We Need to Verify That It's Really You

ISraeli Firm Hacked iPhones for FBI
Could Be Anyone (but ISrael)

By collecting almost literally every piece of personal information we've been fearmongered into buying expensive software to protect.

What use are AV, anti-malware, e-mail encryption, and VPN software programs if I continually have to provide every site I login to more and more personal information about myself just to access my account?

Not to mention the extremely predictable, "We got hacked!" bullshit looming on the near horizon.

Microsoft just updated their TOS to include the "plain language" phrase, 'If you disagree, you can just uninstall all your MS products and logout.'

When, you know, you can't do that.  You can't use Win10 without logging in to Microsoft, which now includes Bing, Skype, Microsoft Services, Microsoft Store, Outlook, Live, MSN, and OneDrive -- not to mention the everyday downloads of updates, patches, and workarounds for critical flaws.

Apple signs you in to iCloud, iTunes, FaceTime, and 20 other services that you can always just sign out of... if you bought a $1500 computer to use as a fucking doorstop.  If you would like to opt-out, you can just keep your $900 iPhone -- no problem!

Google is the absolute worst of the group -- excepting, possibly, Amazon -- since it owns literally most of the Web, or claims to, and hosts a significant part of it.  Signing out of Gmail, Blogger, Google Drive, Android, and everything else the Pentagon
(or its "retired" employees, of course) freely accesses at its whim, is literally not possible if you own a tablet or phone.  Unless it's an iPhone.

And the Huawei debacle furthers their Anti-Trust violations, so expect Ajit over there to the FCC to offer them (or Raytheon) another $20tn in taxpayer dollars to "secure" all that information they totally aren't selling or sharing with Intelligence Services, ISrael, or anyone else.  At best, they'll "force" them to store that information on a telecom's servers where it can be conveniently "hacked" by Russians -- like the DNC's server so totally was.

It totally was not.

Come on you guys, can't we all just subject ourselves to their iron-fisted rule for the children for the memory of their victims for a better world to stop terrorists because Slavery and Gender wage gaps the Holocaust accept that Iranians in North Korea did it for Russia?  Come on.

9/11, you guise.

It's Like Comparing Apples and Oranges Bananas

How the fuck is my $1000 worth of Internet security supposed to work when I need to provide my credit card company and bank with my SSN every time I call or login to their sites?  When third-party, online work agencies need a video of me holding up my driver's license so their pals can Uplynk it to a bank account after "scraping" it off of the private ZOOM server installed on my computer?  I totally consented to that shit. to make really, double, extra sure it's really, really me?


Oh, you need me to call you on the phone and tell you the street on which I grew up?  You know there's a microphone in my TV, right?  I mean, you knew that shit years before I did, so I'm just informing you.  I know it's just "eavesdropping;" not wiretapping.

Because that shit is Illegal.

Oh, that number which totally came up on my monitor turned out not to be connected to your business at all?  But now you need all that private, personal information to be totally, double-extra sure it's really me?  Sounds legit.

Whoops!  Hacked by Russian Iranians out of North Korea!

Now you want to make it illegal for me to hide any of my personal, private information at all?  Because...

You did it all.

No one else is even a suspect.

How Shit Works IRL

You provided the hardware, software, and distribution -- not me, not North Korea, not Russia.  "We" have spent trillions of dollars on totally legal "military defense projects" to "prevent cybercrime" for the children and Slavery and the Holocaust and all that happy horseshit, of which your companies have received the overwhelming majority.

So no one else is a suspect.

No one else in the Whole, Wide World even has access because you made sure of it.

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