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Monday, September 10, 2018

All Around the InterWebs 09-10-18

All Around the InterWebs 09-04 to 09-10-18
09-04 to 09-10-18
All day, everyday, shit happens -- here's all the shit (that's cyberculture, you guys) that happened online during the week of September 04th to 10th, 2018:

I'm too old to know who these people are.  I'm too smart to care who these people are.

Apple proved Constitutional Rights mean nothing to them: Not only are they actively colluding with occupational forces (many of which work for private companies with government contracts, but sometimes work as government authorities with private sector jobs), they also removed Alex Jones' InfoWars app from their store the same day they announced their role as Accessories to War Crimes both Before and After the Fact.

Always looking out for us!

I told you that this is a "Shock and Awe" campaign meant to Terrorize us into self-censorship for fear of having our accounts terminated (Chilling Effect).  This vulgar display of unchecked power, this show of force, is exactly who these unhinged entities really are behind that shark-toothed grin PR facade.

They are very visibly targeting those who question them, and muddying the waters with #FakeNews to avoid responsibility.  Jones, despite a total lack of credibility insofar as serious inquiry or commentary goes, is a distraction from Assange, and little more.

But, when they Censor someone, it means that person is telling some truth that they don't want getting out -- usually implicating them.

Everyone who is responsible for both Charleston and Charlottesville worked for the US government in one capacity or another -- mostly in the Department of Homeland Security and the US military, but also for the corporate-owned Media -- and many of them still do. 1

The DHS will eventually be accused of being a "rogue agency," although they are anything but; they're just doing whatever they want with impunity -- which is what the government, corporate media, law enforcement, and military does, all the time, and have for decades (if not always). 

Clearly, both Sandy Hook and Parkland took place in areas, "...where the media stages," because I haven't heard this much about InfoWars or Alex Jones in... ever.  And this all started with senseless lawsuits designed to Censor him from discussing those events.

I have only ever watched InfoWars a couple times, and I agree with the description of Jones as, "...a performance artist pretending to be a conspiracy theorist," but he's harmless -- just don't watch InfoWars or The Rachel Madcow Show, and you'll be fine.

There's a reason both The Enemy of the People, and the War Criminals with whom they conspire, are targeting Jones -- and it appears to be the same reason they targeted Assange.  And Snowden.  And Manning.  And Van Buren.  And Ron Paul.  And me.

TV's #FakeNews architect and political strategist, John Brennan, threatened the American populace with "a looming disaster" at the White House, and Nikki Haley threatened Syria with another chemical attack.

Absolutely none of these people can be trusted with so much as an unloaded BB gun; regardless of alleged political affiliation, all of these people are unhinged in a big, bad way, and they're actively working to get us all killed.

Speaking of, the US government is some pussy slayers, but they want to keep that part of their public service private.  They also started the first wave of attacks against Russia in Greece, Germany, the Persian Gulf, and Syria -- and they don't want anyone to know that, either.

The only Approved Message has to do with -- wait for it -- a "chemical attack by Assad" (just like Nikki "Slap a Bitch" Haley said he was going to!), which is a lie... and a War Crime.

The US pulled out of the ICC -- just like they did the UN Human Rights Council -- immediately after starting WWIV to prove just how far Above the Law they really are.  Maybe it's my conspiratorial mind, but those actions seem carefully coordinated... Premeditated, some might say. 2

To that point, a Louisiana mayor forced the Parks and Recreation department to ditch Nike shoes over that dumbassed NFL nonsense.  A Detroit food truck owner (food trucker?) refuses to serve cops for the safety of her customers.

I know I said Internet companies could not arbitrarily decide to whom they provide service based on personal beliefs, religious or sexual persuasion, and more -- and I stand by that -- but I agree with this business owner; this is more of a Civil Disobedience issue, if an issue at all.

And an issue of irresponsibly sensationalized reporting with Malice Aforethought. 2

It doesn't matter who, or what, these self-styled justicars murder, kidnap, or enslave more of -- Black Americans, American Indians, family pets, children, journalists -- the US Law Enforcement / Defense / Security / Military Industrial Complex, and their Propaganda Arms, is wa-ay out of control, and we have been saying this for decades.

Operation: Black & Blue was specifically developed to turn police violence into a partisan "wedge" issue to divide the citizenry -- to avoid a bi-partisan demand that these cowboy motherfuckers who received "counter-terrorist training" in Israel, setup CIA Black Sites, move prisoners from jail to jail to lengthen sentences and avoid FBI and lawyers, tape privileged phonecalls between prisoners and their lawyers, and gangstalk victims nationwide, etc., be held accountable for their crimes. 1

Whatever happened to "personal responsibility?"  They murder people and get a tax-payer funded pay-out; they rig Elections and get a GoFundMe account...

Here's the thing about "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theories," and Reality, alike: It's still true, even if you don't "believe," or "feel," that it is.  Your "belief" is not necessary.

Try this "conspiracy theory" on for size:

The "Deep State" manipulated an unwitting President into stacking a War Cabinet with the most aggressive psychopaths this country has so they could commit War Crimes against some of the most capable military forces in the world for their BFF's pipeline, and their own interests.

Now they can oust him on Pretext, install a decidedly more Far-Right puppetthen blame it all on those "White Nationalist" Republicans, who can blame it on their fall guy, Trump -- who almost no one in the Republican Party wanted to begin with.

And everybody walks away... except Trump.  Well, and John McCain.  Haha.

You guys?  Alright?  Okay?

Meanwhile, elsewhere...

The EU is dead-set on proving it not only knows better, but that it knows best, with yet another grossly overreaching Law meant to legislate the Internet into allowing only Approved Thought.

You might recall that, at the height of the EU's pedophilia scandal which reached well into Parliament and beyond, they instituted an overreaching "Right to be Forgotten" Law which quickly scrubbed the Web of any and all information regarding said pedophilia scandal.

You might not know that several, large Internet companies moved their servers to the EU in the last few years in order to both take advantage of these convenient Censorship "Laws," and to provide surveillance for the US government through the vile, Illegal, and dramatically overreaching FISA Court.  This not only allows them to illegally surveil political rivals, but also possible corporate rivals, and American citizens -- for any reason.

In further EU news, the #MeToo movement forced Boris Johnson to burn all of his monogrammed belongings.  Nah, but his wife is divorcing him for adultery.  The Tony Blair Institute confessed to receiving funding from Saudi Arabia.

And, in further illegal surveillance news, Shari Redstone claimed victory (again) over Les Moonves and CBS after her the #MeToo and Time's Up "movements" -- that are totally legit, you guys -- forced him to resign over sexual assault allegations.

Someone thinks they've found the missing MH730 plane in a Cambodian jungle, while archaeologists made a fantastic discovery in Turkey related to early Christian History.  In another uplifting story, citizen diplomats from the Center for Civilian Initiatives visited Crimea to "make a small difference."

The countdown to their mysterious deaths starts... now!

As ever, we have no idea when they're going to pull the plug, so you can add us to that countdown list, as well.  Right now, they're flooding the site with spam e-mail to have my account terminated, and I haven't been able to send e-mail in months (forcing me to use my G-Mail account, which is run by the Pentagon).

Hey, paranoia is a way of life these days, and it's only set to get worse for us "Tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists," as they Censor and target more and more of us to force their agenda upon the world -- the clearest violation of the First Amendment!

WWIV absolutely started in earnest yesterday, though it is likely to be several weeks, even months, before the populace at-large is made aware, and that disinformation will be sparse and outdated -- and mostly #FakeNews.

We "patriarchal old white men" built this Goddamn thing from our "moms' basements" on X-Files conspiracy theoriesDungeons & Dragons arguments over 1st vs. 2nd -Ed., AOL chatroom *.WAV drops in Mike vs. Joel debates, pre-dawn FIDOnet *.bat file runs through FrontDoor on 2400-baud modems, and Teri Hatcher GIFs.  We didn't even have cat videos for the first 10 years!

No thumbelinas, InstaGrammers, or YouTubers will ever contribute as much to this structure as we have -- for better and for worse.  You were born into what we fashioned, they corrupted and laid claim to -- and are still killing for.  (We have our martyrs, too.  But no tax-free NGO.)

That people like me -- who are neither professional journalists, defense contractors, military (even former), law enforcement, nor politicos -- are forced to stick our necks out proves the point we've been trying to make for decades.

(Though we are extremely grateful to everyone who is doing what they can!)

I've had my Google account since the 1990s and my websites for some 13+ years, yet nothing I've done makes enough money to even cover the costs -- and only now is anyone starting to realize why (told you I wasn't entirely crazy).  "Someone" at Google keeps resetting our visitor counts, so $30.00 in a month becomes $0.03.  Prolly just a mistake... for 13+ years.

We all got along for 25 years without daily "major data breaches," troll farms, (credible) death threats, hacked accounts, fraudulent credit card charges, White Nationalist marches, and all the other headaches for which these assholes -- and their asshole co-conspirators -- are responsible.

I would really hate to lose these things in which I've invested so much of my resources, but this is our place -- not theirs.

None of these inhuman people are as important as they believe, despite their overwhelming power and numbers.  They don't belong here, and they aren't welcome.

So, they got to go.

Fuck these psychos to the pavement.

Please welcome 1988's Corey Haim.
1: The search engines will penalize us for including too many links in posts, and since this is a "round-up," it already has a shit-ton of links -- I had to force myself to post just to quit adding more!  We've covered these topics in-depth, including supporting links, and invite you to peruse the archives to learn more.  Some are covered on our sister site, The OddBlog (see sidebar).

2Note to Federal Gangstalkers, et. al.: Modifying existing text to include 1934 statute "Incitement to Disaffection Act" counts as Confession on multiple counts, as does manipulation of search engine results -- proving the charge of Incitement with Intent.

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