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Thursday, September 13, 2018

All Around the InterWebs: The 9/11 Edition

Happy 9/11 Day!
All day, everyday, things happen -- but a lot of things happen a lot during times of War / Mid-Term "Elections" (six of one) -- so here are the things that happened on September 11th, 2018:

In one of the clearest-cut examples of pure propaganda you are likely to find since 9/11 (2001, not 1941), David Stolinksy of The Gatestone Institute insists we should all accept the US government's 9/11 narrative at face-value, because... Murka!

And also because, if we don't, we hate everyone who was murdered on 9/11 (2001, not 1973).

If you get real close to your screen while reading it, you can hear Toby Keith playing in the background.  And if you don't love Toby Keith,  I think you know what you can do.  If you get too close to your screen, you can smell the Toby Keith wafting off this steaming pile of agitprop.

But enough about that day an airplane totally full of passengers totally hit the Pentagon, and only a single camera saw it happen -- but we weren't allowed to see it for over a decade, because the FBI seized that video in 2002.  (Actually, a second camera caught much more.)

The Fox News video I have posted for years, in which the male correspondent finds "only a hole in the ground," has not only been removed from YouTube (for Copyright infringement, under the "Right to be Forgotten" Law), but also my personal Bookmarks that are on my personal computer.  I lose an awful lot of Bookmarks that way!

Here's one from CNN, though.

Speaking of, some 10,000+ people who were in the area on 9/11 are dead or dying of cancer and unspecified lung conditions -- but it prolly has less to do with breathing all of that military-grade thermite than it does with wanting them dead.

Governor Andrew Cuomo sent mailers to his constituents, telling them that his opponent, Cynthia Nixon -- an outspoken Lesbian who has campaigned for LGBTQ rights for decades, and starred in the highly-influential, and sex-positive, Sex and the City -- is an Anti-Semite.  Seems like I've heard that one before...

Nixon's vocally Liberal Hollywood "friends" -- including Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Stephen Colbert, and the rest of the Democratic Elites -- as well as the DNC, were quick to defend her.

Haha.  Nah.  That'd been neat, though -- right?

Andrew Cuomo is, of course, the brother of CNN's Chris Cuomo, who threatened WikiLeaks readers with criminal action, and said it's okay to commit violence against those who are wrong -- especially for a Greater Good.  If you're reminded of that story about the Heroic Americans on Flight 93 -- or was it Flight 77? -- who rallied to fight against a common enemy for The Greater Good...

Unsubstantiated claims regarding Les Moonves forced him out at CBS, and some female CBS employees are calling for the network to release the findings of the "internal investigation."  Keep in mind that Sexual Harassment and Rape are Felonies, meaning that -- if anything had actually happened (and we aren't saying anything did or did not -- we have no idea) -- the authorities would be investigating.

Otherwise, investigative CBS employees would be Accessories After the Fact for Concealing a Crime.

Shari Redstone and her the Hollywood-based "female empowerment" mob "movements" are demanding Moonves invest $120mn in their unregistered NGO, in addition to losing his job, and are set to replace him with a female (because they run CBS now).

If that sounds suspiciously like Blackmail to you, it does to #MeToo!

#NeverForget that these "movements" are spearheaded by the same heinous sociopaths who labeled everyone who refused to vote for Hillary Clinton a "Bernie Bro" and "Deplorable."  And the "Activist Bitches" who Embezzled donations to the Sanders campaign.

Many of their online exploits were tracked back to "troll farms" that Terrorized everyone who disparaged Hillary, and closed our accounts on "Left-Leaning" social media "platforms," like Twitter and Facebook.  They include "companies" -- okay, you guys, alright? -- like Media Matters, ShareBlue, Breaking Barriers, and ISIS.

And, lest we fail to mention, this all started over to FOX News.  Where all their female "journalists" are Fair and Top-Heavy.  Hahaha.

You guys?  Okay?

But, that's Life in America -- small price to pay for living in the Land of the Free.

Speaking of American #Resistance, it's nice to see us getting along so well with both Al-Qaeda and the Taliban.  If that isn't "providing comfort to the Enemy," I'm a Toby Keith fan!

Of course, you have to make some deals with the devil -- and commit a lot of "good" War Crimes -- for The Greater Good.  I learned that from watching the News.  With everything else going on these days, I guess it's good to see them all getting along.

A week prior to the US military government commandeering everyone's cellular signal for "emergency alert preparedness drills" (September 20, 2018), the FBI threw everyone out of the Sunspot, New Mexico Observatory near Roswell, and still hasn't told anyone why.

Allegedly, there's about to be a geomagnetic, or... solar storm, or alien wizards from the future -- whatever -- which will negatively impact peoples' cellular service... around September 20th.  If this reminds you "tinfoil hat black helicopter conspiracy theorists" of the unseen Flight 93... I mean Flight 77 -- I meant Flight 77!

You guys?  Alright?  Flight 93 totally existed -- or Flight 77, whatever!  Okay?

You people are clearly just highly-functioning paranoid schizophrenics: If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.

But I can see why you might conclude that all of these people are pure trash.

I'd love to include more InterWebbery from the rest of the world, so I'm trying to get more news from China, but that ain't easy.  I'm also afraid to post what I do find, because the US I mean China -- because China's government might shut them down.

I'd also like to include more Bruces and Sheilers, but domains with a *.au refuse to resolve (too many redirects), Ozzies apparently don't know how to create "valid" RSS feeds (according to the error messages I receive), and -- since I have nothing to hide -- the trustworthy government makes sure I can't connect under a VPN.

It appears that the entirety of the English-speaking Pan-Asian sector of the world is off-limits to me, for some reason.

These rundown posts have so many links, we're worried the search engines will penalize the site, or even ban us outright, so I wanted to note that The Cyberculturalist is anything but a linkfarm, or #FakeNews -- and you can sort through over a decade's worth of posts if you don't believe us.  Still, I need to make some (hopefully simple) changes in the near future to alleviate any confusion.

The larger problem isn't errant algorithms, it's thoroughly corrupt, overreaching governments, and petulant technicians.  Unfortunately, there isn't a whole lot we can do about all that.

Speaking of which, though, how are those petitions working-out?  How about them phonecalls?  How much of your resources have you invested in protesting?  The governments (and corporations for which, and with which, they operate) be like #WasteYourTime.  smh

I'm not entirely sure John McCain's dead, but I think I found DB Cooper.

© Copyright 2018, The Cyberculturalist

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