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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Yanny or Laurel, It's to Hack Your Voice Controlled Devices

Just like "The Dress," the Yanni/Laurel audio file helps Media Intelligence Agencies (MIA) better hack your voice controlled devices.  Keep in mind that the ISraeli US Intelligence Services (US IS) are actual supervillains, intent on capturing, detaining, and murdering those who dissent.

Keep this in mind, because they are not recording your conversations so much as your voice.

Not that there aren't super shitbags from every nation, corporation, and country, working overtime to help them out.  For example, the latest outbreaks actually were from Chinese-speaking operatives... who work in the entertainment industry, and also for the US Federal Government.  Recently, they forcibly removed one of these heinous, tiger bitches from a plane, then forced everyone on board to sign a NDC (No Death Certificate).

They put another into office.

Everything bad leads full circle back to ISrael the US.

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