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Monday, April 16, 2018

Modem Scripts and The Dress

The Dress Modem Scripts
The Dress Modem Scripts
Remember "THE DRESS?"  The real point of that exercise was to discover the calibrations of peoples' systems then, in some cases, get them to change them.  It may have been used to determine who was using which system and OS, but the larger operation was to embed system files as though they were color files.

These are Modem Scripts posing as color files.  I don't know how they work, but they may have something to do with KEXT files and RAID servers (military).  This was all done under Obama, not Trump, and under Obama's direct orders (and a lot of it really was).

This leads to something known as the Five Divisions, or Five Eyes.  Allegedly a law enforcement agency, Five Divisions is an Old Testament reference leading directly to AIPAC/CFI-backed, far-right, paramilitary units -- including the EDL and JDL.  Five Eyes operatives were also found to manufacture and distribute child pornography, and several have been arrested in conjunction with cryptocurrency crimes, and the Silk Road fiasco.

These are War Crimes constituting Sedition and High Treason.

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