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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Variety.com Returns the Following

We don't work for Variety, nor have we ever.  About a year ago, maybe more, we found that someone working for or contributing to Variety (or possibly just hacking their RSS and/or system, in general) had hacked TheWeirding.NET.  I don't know any contributors or "tipsters" for Variety (that I'm aware of), nor have I ever commented on its site (that I recall).  I didn't even know Variety was a WordPress site.

The DNS re-routing, or IP blocking, is similar to that we experienced when we tried accessing the "official" Sandy Hook report.

We don't own TheWeirding.COM, nor have we ever -- it was hijacked by a Chinese firm which tried to extort us going back some 10 years or more.  The only thing we've ever seen on there is a picture of a dollar sign, but I haven't checked it in years.  The ownership reverted to a firm out of Texas, then Arizona, a few years back -- that may have been Integrated Systems, or ISIS, but we can't confirm that.

In the last few years, Variety has become a vocal mouthpiece for the Democratic National Committee, and Hillary Clinton in particular.  Its primary focus has been on politics, especially politics that have nothing to do with showbusiness.  It is often an extremely vocal advocate for "diversity" in all sectors, not just showbusiness.

I have no idea why my IP address would be blocked from Variety, but it may be for the best...

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Manodogs said...

Now we are unable to login to YouTube, and Google is unresponsive. Apparently, a Yosef someone liked one of our videos the other night, and a Sleepaway Camp post from 2010 is trending on our Rated B blog. From Daily Steals and the Five Divisions.

Manodogs said...

We know that Iranian YouTuber did not make it to the YouTube center, BTW. We chose not to post the harrowing truth to your Noble Lie.