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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Mike Woods Charter Comm Account (GrandSlam) #NoConfederate

Charter Comm Fort Worth, TX
This Charter Communications account appears to have been used for the October 1, 2017 Las Vegas Massacre.  The owner of the electrical company in whose name it was registered may or may not even be aware that the empty house from whence it originated was used, or that his name is on it, but the FBI is.  

Sources indicate that someone either employed at Comcast or someone working for the FBI created the account using a Comcast connection.  This has something to do with a motorcycle club the FBI tried to assassinate back in 2014, as well as the #NoConfederate terrorists.  "April Reins," as it goes, lead to Mayflower -- a pilgrimage of militarily-trained, government terrorists, across the Southern American states.

The trail leads directly to Memphis, TN and from there through Jackson to Nashville.  I believed this account was setup to spread the Sakula malware the US government employs, but now suspect it may have been used to somehow fund or communicate with actors in Las Vegas.  This is directly tied to the BLM, Bundy Conspiracy (in due time, Dear Readers), stemming out of Nevada (ISIS).  

This larger landgrab is The FEMA Conspiracy (https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/FEMA.aspx), using weather modification technology to create "natural disasters," then moving-in with construction companies to gentrify the affected areas, push-out residents, and upsell the land.  If this all sounds unbelievable, that's because it is designed to: This is why we're derided as "Conspiracy Theorists," and not "Conspiracy Hypothesists."

These are the same FBI agents who kidnapped Holly Bobo in 2011, and likely raped and murdered her.  These agents, known as "CI," or Confidential Informants, also murdered my aunt, and (believe it or not) even my cat!  

A female independent defense contractor out of Texas who sometimes uses Oklahoma license plates in Tennessee was seen in the area directly following, though the account may have been made remotely.  She is known to work in the Decatur County, TN area -- up and down the I-40 Corridor, actually -- with local and state police, as well as TBI officers, and has been seen around military installations in and around the Fort Worth and Houston areas.  

She is always in the company of young people, mostly of the ANTIFA variety (lots of piercings, well-groomed, etc.), in the employ of the DHS.  These are crisis actors who appear as background artists on newsreels, as well as pornographic films, and likely have criminal histories (INSLAW) and/or histories of treatment for mental illness.

Any information leading to the location of these crisis actors -- such as the one needing a catheter kit today -- is likely to be found in the Baptist church community.  These are exceedingly dangerous entities, and wherever they appear, they will be followed or preceded by Confederate-flag bearing helicopter crews and news vehicles.

This is an UMBRELLA Operation creating a Hegelian Dialectic known as "The Perfect Circle."

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