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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

com.apple.iBooksX Cookies Hack

Here is how Daesh (US/UK/Australia) plagiarists hacked my computer and stole my work.  There is another program known as "Persona" which makes this job much easier.  AI writing programs handle the rest.  This is a US-backed operation overseen by agents at WGAW and beyond.

cook âÏA ê i 8CIKÄ 6[¿A! …øA.apple.comxp_ci/3z1pBr7ZzH23z4tMzAx0zewxPPrgrc 8CIKÄ 6[¿A! …øA.apple.comxp_ab/1#isj11bm+3598+17Eg4xa0U 8CJLÄ 6[¿A! …øA.apple.comxp_abc/17Eg4xa0O8CJL]™øA- …øA.apple.comitspod/48Ç 8CO\5%…øA- …øA.apple.comns-mzf-inst/WebObjects/179-33-443-215-60-8128-482485-48-st13 | Kbplist00— _ NSHTTPCookieAcceptPolicy & (

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