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Monday, January 15, 2018

Thunderbird (Mozilla) Rat

I don't even recall exactly where I found this JRAT file, but it's specific to Mozilla, and may have had something to do with the Equifax hack.  Which, by the way, they have yet to tell the truth about; I'm not certain what they did exactly, but it was absolutely American actors.  If foreign actors were involved, the money still made its way into American and ISraeli hands.

This also leads to Las Vegas (Operation: Credible Threat).  Once again, I know 100% that the FBI was directly involved, and engaging someone(s) directly involved and on the scene the night before (September 30, 2017).  I know this because they were communicating over my IP and/or SSID -- my network, at least -- most likely using a paired device, iPhone 6 and/or Android, and WhatsApp.  This specifically involves police, the Police Union (Brotherhood), and the PPF (Police Protection/PENSION Fund), and from there leads directly to the IDF/JDL.

I have those files, as well (although I don't know how to open them... yet).

If anything has happened to me, or this blog has disappeared, this is why... but it goes so much further back.  Back to the 1990s, in fact.  And, for extremists like these terrorists, much -- much -- further back.


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