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Friday, January 26, 2018

TDS Telecomm "Outage" - 01-26-18

Operation: Credible Threat
Same ol Same
Just reporting that TDS Telecomm out of Wisconsin went down in the Parsons, TN area last night from around 12:30am - 1:15am. 

Attempts to call the TDS Telecomm service resulted in long wait times before being disconnected.  On subsequent calls, a bizarre, computer-generated message unlike anything I've ever heard before in 12 years of service informed me that, "The service is overloaded and cannot process your request at this time.  You may continue to wait, or hangup and try your call again later." 

I did neither.

This morning, it was reported that a Japanese BitCoin firm "lost" some $400mn, and now Apple iCloud is down for some users.  Apparently, Facebook, InstaGram, and similar social networks were down yesterday in what appears to be a rolling blackout.

TDS is also the acronym for a pernicious US ARMY "legal" department established in 2006. 

Netflix' Making a Murderer has more on this story.
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