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Monday, January 29, 2018

WiFi Proxy Hack (GrandSlam)

Operation: Credible Threat
While it shouldn't need to be mentioned that the CIA is the major supplier of weapons, drugs, and human trafficking, it might bear mentioning that they are also the largest pedophile network operators in the world.  Under the auspices of the NSA and other three-letter agencies, absolutely nothing in this nation can possibly happen without their knowledge -- this is how the FBI gets involved.

Once the CIA develops a thorn in its dirty paw, the FBI swoops in and creates a terror plot in which they ensnare whomsoever threatens their operations.  There are no terrorist organizations in this, or likely any other, country with which the FBI is not on intimate terms.  And there hasn't been a single terrorist plot at least since the Oklahoma City bombing that the FBI did not directly engage the party or parties before the attack took place -- including their wet dream come true, 9/11.

The Alphabet Agencies are nothing more than the enforcement arm of -- specifically -- the Banks, Big Oil, and Big Pharma, otherwise known as G.O.D.  Gold, Oil, and Dope.

This began long before August, 2017, and I -- like a street corner prophet decrying the end is nigh -- contacted literally everyone from Microsoft to Google to Apple and beyond, making a complete fool of myself on social media and IRL in a desperate attempt to get anyone to listen to me.  All to no avail.

I don't want the friends and families of the victims of the Child's Play (Las Vegas) Massacre -- Operation: Credible Threat -- to think their loved ones died for nothing; they died for G.O.D.



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