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Saturday, January 20, 2018

EBS Results - The Continual Descent into Madness #WhyWeWearBlack #MeToo #NoConfederate

As I actually have work to do, I haven't been following the "news" today, although I heard CBSN claim the #Releasethememo hashtag referred to the fake Trump Dossier created by Fusion, GPS for the Clinton Global Initiative, aka the Democratic National Committee (it does not).  

So I had to laugh when I saw that, magically, serial ambulance-chaser, Gloria Allred, is leading a descent onto Los Angeles at the same time protests by masked terrorists "broke-out" at the American Embassy in London.  

This was all funded by some "donations" to keep some alleged rapist in jail, and was preceded by an odd article from the Lifehacker RSS feed which I found alarming enough at the time to hang onto, and cannot confirm was ever actually posted to, or by, the Lifehacker site.  

"Electrical Brain Stimulation," or EBS, is controlled by the same sect(s) that run education in several parts of America, and some kind of insurance scams -- including government-controlled healthcare facilities, both for better and for worse (depending on their "Religious Convictions" (ahem), political outlook -- and how much they're paid).  This is an UMBRELLA agency with deep, deep pockets, and US and UK Federal funding -- and a known sponsor of global terrorist activity... and far, far worse (spending on your sexual proclivity).  I guess they store their information on Amazon cloud servers as corporate sabotage.

You certainly do not have to support, or even agree with, President Trump (as a #BernieBro, I certainly don't), but terrorism is terrorism -- and it's perfectly legal.

Stop funding these shitheel #MeToo / #NoConfederate terrorists, as your donations are being tracked by "Emergency Durham Protest" (EDP, or Electronic Data Processing).

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