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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Facebook Scripts

Has anyone else gotten that debugging script error on Facebook? I used to get it all the time and, despite the fact that it's abated somewhat in recent months, I still get it on occasion. Absolutely nothing taxes my computer's resources as much as Facebook and I have a feeling it's because my account has become compromised to some extent -- but I think it also has to do with all the ads and "trending topics" and so forth the site continually forces on users, too. It seriously slows my PC to a crawl and this is far from the only PC I've had troubles with (where Facebook is concerned, I mean).

I will try to get a screencap of it the next time it occurs, and do some research into the issue, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this. Don't forget that commenting here is FUBAR for some reason, so you'll have to register to leave a message on The Cyberculturalist Forum at The Weirding.

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