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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cookies Warning and Security Threats

As the titular "Cyberculturalist," I guess I should be more on top of my game when it comes to network and computer security, but I'm not; this blog is dedicated to the culture surrounding the Internet and World-Wide Web, not necessarily technical computer information. So I wanted to make sure everyone was aware that we only own cyberculturalist.com and no other versions or domains that might be associated by name (only). Likewise, we only own and operate theweirding.net and .org, though the latter has yet to be setup correctly. We also own Rated-B.com but it has not yet been setup correctly, either.

We have been under attack for some time now. Our e-mail and social media accounts have been flooded and hacked, sending out spam messages as though they originated from us (they did not). We do not have a newsletter, nor have we ever -- for any of the sites we operate.

At this point, only C Harris Lynn runs these things and provides content (that I am aware of). While other authors and contributors have been around (and will hopefully be around in the future, as well [their posts should reflect their screen names]), I am the primary contributor for these sites, blogs, and accounts -- all of which may or may not be considered "DBA" businesses (I am not a legal expert, nor should what I do constitute a need for legal expertise).

We are not involved in Gaymergayte, nor do we appreciate being dragged into others' nonsense. Some authors and administrators have been removed due to their apparent behavior regarding this, and other, matters. That has nothing to do with us, although it is a matter of cyberculture -- and obviously a much larger problem than this author realized.

This is neither a legal document nor a binding agreement; this is yet another reminder that, regardless of the size or potency of the threats we continue to face, we're a small entity that enjoys posting and creating original content we share with others -- and will continue to do so. We've received no legal documents or "Cease and Desist" orders to this date, but charges such as wire fraud, and felonious access of a computer are very real charges -- regardless of age -- and this author has no intentions of being held culpable for such things, nor any content shared that relates to such behavior.

Because I don't do that shit.

Finally, Blogger asked us to do something confusing regarding cookies. Some of the cookies we use are necessary for us to gauge visitors' behavior -- such as length spent on the site, popular content, and the like. We used to have several, but there should only be a handful at this point, most of which are likely blocked by your security and AV/ad-blocking settings.

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