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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Fun with Dell

Eight months and three return trips to the repair center later, my laptop - purchased "brand new" back in August, 2015 - has no working Bluetooth and takes two to three days to defrag just over 1/3 of the hard drive. I've lost so much time, money, and effort to this lost cause that I'm a bit defeated right this moment. I want to just chuck it all and barrel-on, but I keep encountering new problems and further delaying tactics from Dell "Customer Care," and I'm just spent.

I finally got to play WoW for a few days earlier in the week (while waiting on it to defrag in the background) for the first time in several months. I've also been able to check some e-mail and play catch-up on a handful of the online courses I'm taking, but little more. I've spent too much time shopping for shit I really don't need (and can't afford), as well as reading infuriating political rhetoric (from all sides), just to pass the time while stuff downloads, installs, updates, and now defragments.

Anyway, I have no idea what to say about this laptop, but I don't want to have to return it YET AGAIN, and go through all of this shit YET AGAIN, so I'm doing my very best to move carefully. I have no way of telling if the issues I keep encountering are worth troubleshooting or not, as the previous issues turned out to be hardware-related and weren't discovered to be for eight months and three trips to the repair center...

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