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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Free Streaming Internet Channels

As an early-adopter of Roku (a streaming set-top device for your TV), I generally focus on channels available to Roku owners. I have too often neglected to mention the vast number of quality streaming Internet channels. Luckily, I've no need to list them, as a list of free streaming Internet channels has already been created by another blogger.

These channels generally require nothing more than a browser and Internet connection to enjoy. Some may ask you to sign-up and a few may even have subscription plans, but you aren't forced to do anything. We even run a mirror stream of Underground TV live on the site. We can sometimes be found lurking in the IRC channel, if you care to join.

Online communities often pop-up around such content and devices, and this is certainly true of Roku owners. I belong to several pages and groups that are dedicated to specific Roku stations. I'm sure the same is true of many of these streaming Internet stations.

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