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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Opt-Out of Off-Hulu Tracking

Although I noticed this setting before, I had never clicked to see what it was about, however Hulu apparently tracks your off-site activity by default. To opt-out, you have to go here and click the button.

I don't mind Hulu keeping track of how I use their site and channel, despite the fact that I know they're concept of "personalizing" it only leads to targeted ads. I do not want them tracking my activity in general, across the Web or otherwise. That is not only intrusive, it's a possible security risk. I don't know what information they are collecting that might be considered personal or could be used maliciously if it fell into the wrong hands. And a series of recent data breaches at large, American companies and retail outlets makes that something to keep in mind.

I understand that Windows 10 has similar tracking software built into the operating system, as though Bill Gates weren't scary enough!

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