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Friday, January 30, 2015

Who's Being Targeted?

This is a question I have posed to myself time and again. Obviously with this blog I am targeting techies and computer geeks but it's nowhere near as simple with the larger site. In fact, it isn't even that cut-and-dried with this one...

"Techies" or "Geeks" doesn't cover it; I'm specifically targeting "Netizens" - that is, those who literally contribute to and appreciate the Internet and Cyberculture. We are online all the time, constantly working on computers or websites, playing on social media, and so forth - literally living "second lives" online, some "out loud" and others "lurking."

With The Weirding, targeting becomes a morass of possibilities. Yes, we're still going after Netizens but, more specifically, the Goth crowd and true Nerds - comic book -loving, Dungeons & Dragons -playing Nerds who like to go online to get more out of their offline purchases. Somewhere in the middle of all this lay the Lurker and the Horror Fiend (the person who loves horror movies, novels, and so forth), as well as the B-Movie Maven. We have a lot going on over there, after all.

So, "Who am I targeting / Who is my target audience?" is an important question to ask yourself when you're doing something like this or running a website but don't get too caught-up in it at first. Your site/blog will grow and develop and you may find that your target audience has changed with it. Wait until you have sufficient content before deciding on your target audience.

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