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Friday, January 2, 2015

Cybernetic Neural Pathways

Okay so not really but we've been hearing about hOW THE Internet has "retrained" our brains and "changed the way we think" and so forth for a while now, so I hit upon the ages-old idea of creating Bookmark Packs as a resource for investigating and researching areas and items of interest. As I mention, this is neither an original nor new concept and several addons and utilities have, and may still, existed which did this very thing but many of them are either bust or simply no longer available. Firetrail was one, IIRC.

There may be some other resources used in this process, including addons/utils that allow us to share specific information, such as Post-Its (IIRC). In this fashion, we can develop and carry-on a conversation across the sites we visit, broadening the scope and depth of the conversation. If this proves successful, we will develop a series of posts along such lines.

Also, Happy New Year!

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