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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Playing with Design

Just a quick apology if we're loading-up the RSS feed as we update old posts. Obviously we're still playing with design elements as well as an overall color theme, so these things have changed pretty regularly the last few months. As you can see though, a definite theme is emerging and we're working toward strengthening that image.

There is an upcoming post on The Wording regarding the darker direction the site and its satellites are taking (I will edit this post and link to it later, as it is scheduled for next week). While The Cyberculturalist is a stand-alone site, it is related to The Weirding and we want the sites to be congruent to a certain degree.

To those ends, allow me to mention that we now show Underground.TV on the Entertainment Directory. We are also working on installing a sitewide IRC Channel that will be available on select pages and blogs. This is the chat client we will use for Events. We have no scheduled "appearances" or anything but we plan on being available for chat pretty regularly as individuals and as a group for Events.

Lastly on design, we'll continue to tweak for the time-being. We are playing with CSS as well as HTML 5 and know neither, and the Blogger templates sometimes force us to do things a certain way or develop workarounds to achieve certain effects and features. We will also prune the tags and, over time, restructure the labels. We know the post background makes the text difficult to read and are working on that, as well.

Don't forget to catch us LIVE tonight for Grave of the Vampire!

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