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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Weirding Theater Presents The Devil's Daughter

Back in the 1970s. there was a spiritual awakening as America began turning away from God. Church leaders saw a great opportunity and instituted what was then known as The Moral Majority. Their goal was censorship across all fronts - a specific and sustained attack against all forms of Arts and Entertainment, focusing mostly on popular films and entertainment.

But Shelley Winters had other plans...

This weekend we bring you yet another MOW involving #Satansploitation as we gear-up for our month-long celebration of some of the greatest B-rated flicks of all-time: The 1980's slashers! Meanwhile, please join us for this long-forgotten (and rightfully so) Devil Flick wherein Roman Polanski's magnum opus was cannibalized to entertain housewives who were just a little too scurt to tackle The Real Thing.

As usual, Showtime starts around 9:30pm CST, Saturday night at the usual places. This week, The Weirding Theater Presents The Devil's Daughter LIVE.

© The Weirding, 2014

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