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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Construction Underway

I m ay not have posted this here previously but I probably did - I've posted it pretty much everywhere else, so it should be no secret - The Weirding (including The Cyberculturalist) is undergoing massive changes across the boards. This includes structural, placement of files and resources, technical and cosmetic, and so on and so forth.

The cool thing is that it's going to be somewhat smoother than it has been in the past. Many of you are likely to be surfing the "old" site only because the server isn't refreshed and because the old URLs still resolve to those. Over time, new elements will appear as the old design is (somewhat) phased-out. We're leaving the old URLs and pointers as much for SEO/search engine shit as nostalgia, plus the new navigational system won't point to a lot of the older content.

So, if you're hitting a lot of 403, 404 errors and so forth, we're aware and it has nothing to do with your connection, settings, et. al. You should not be getting a lot of "external error messages" nor any more redirects than you're used to. Also, any/all redirects and URLs either direct you to another page on the site or to an official The Weirding outlet/account (such as our Google+ page or The Weirding YouTube Channel); if you notice this not to be the case, please let us know! (The only exceptions being the obvious banner/text ads, etc.)

Due to the scope of this particular "upgrade" - and it really is an upgrade this time, not just an "uplift" - you are probably not going to be able to find whatever it is you're looking for until we're a lot closer to rolling-out the new site.

This is a serious overhaul which requires literally a ton of stuff to be accomplished on the backend before any of it goes live. However, we have to publish some of it to make sure it behaves correctly (testing). Still, it means you're going to be navigating a lot of broken links and encountering new menus, pages, departments, features, and options that were previously unavailable. I don't suggest using them though, as most are just mock-ups and not actual "live" content. Some of it will work but a lot won't - the titles and descriptions are likely wrong, graphics will fail to load - so just try to stick to the Old School side of the site for now.

We'll be discussing it more on the actual weblog, if you want to follow along or get confersed.


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