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Monday, June 30, 2014

Facebook Admits to Emotional Torture of Hundreds of Thousands of Users

Facebook has publicly admitted to emotionally torturing nearly 1 million users by manipulating their newsfeeds to alter their emotional state. Representatives for the social network claimed this was an "experiment" and called it a "success." No doubt the results of this "experiment" caused countless users to suffer emotional distress that dramatically affected their daily lives, routines, and personal behavior but Facebook - run by a man whose heritage would make one think he would be a little more reticent to "experiment" on people in any fashion, much less in ways that would prove detrimental to their health and well-being - has made no apologies for their misuse of social media.

After all, they intimated, it's their social network and they can do whatever they want. Homeland Security most certainly will not be knocking on their door!

No doubt the results of this "experiment" have already found their way into advertising executives' hands but one should note that advertising executives were already well aware of such tactics, so expect to be [not] seeing more manipulation of your social media feeds in months and years to come.

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