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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Zom-Bee - A Review (Roku Channel)

Zom-Bee is another entry into the "grimy video store" channel lineup on Roku. It carries many horror and exploitation titles in addition to podcasts and Internet variety shows. The shows are of varying quality but Zom-Bee does have a handful of titles unique to the channel, such as the cult classic Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. The movies are categorized according to "Z" titles, such as "Z Splatter Movies," referring to the fact that many of these movies are so bad, they do not even deserve the "B-movie" rating.

And that is a fair assessment of most of Zom-Bee's fare, which is either a great drawback or bonus according to your taste. A lot of the titles are too cheap even for my taste but prove interesting background noise. As noted, there are several podcasts and op-ed shows but I have only viewed one so I shouldn't dismiss them all. Still, the one I saw wasn't that good and the others appeared to tread the same ground as more established venues.

If you enjoy exploitation movies, mainly of the horror variety, and culture, you may enjoy Zom-Bee though it is not as good as some of the other channels offering similar entertainment.

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