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Friday, December 14, 2012

Huffington Post Live - A Review (Roku Channel)

Huffington Post Live has a Roku channel and has for some time now. While I had it on my menu, I had only watched it briefly a handful of times until recently, The past few weeks, I have had it on in the background as my default channel. Everyone has a default channel. When I had cable/satellite, it was usually Comedy Central or Sci-Fi (npow SyFy). UNtil I found Huffington Post Live, it had been Hulu.

One of the things I like best about HuffPost Live is that it seems to follow along with Twitter to some extent. It makes me wonder if this is because Huffington Post is such an online tendsetter or because it is such a nimble news organization. It's probably a little of both. Due to recent events, a lot of people are questioning the role of media in society and this makes an interesting case study.

Their on-air personalities seem generally genuine and some are quite personable (and I do not just mean attractive). They seem knowledgeable and are entertaining but not bland. HuffPost Live also seems free of an oppressive political agenda and this is largely due to the fact that they choose panel members from across the Web. You can submit a video to be considered for an on-air interview. This lends to a good cross-section of opinions and some really good discussions. Best of all, I have yet to see a discussion devolve into a shouting match though one caller did leave in a huff the other day.

Really good news source that is informative while being entertaining. HuffPost Live is also available online.

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