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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Midnight Pulp - A Review (Roku Channel)

Midnight Pulp is a relatively new Roku channel that may also be available on Google TV (I could not verify that). I stumbled across it a few months back but never really sat down to watch it until last night. It is now one of my favorite channels of the entire lineup.

Midnight Pulp offers, on the surface, little more than at least a half-dozen other channels on Roku - B-rater drive-in flicks, mostly from the 70s. On closer inspection though, Midnight Pulp has a wide selection of pulp and underground fare from all eras. In particular, the station carries a lot in the way of splatterflicks and macabre entertainment. If you are a digital filmmaker dabbling in the dark, this is definitely a distribution outlet to look at.

It's obvious that Midnight Pulp doesn't have a wide audience. I watched it for many hours at a stretch and saw the same two or three ads several times. Usually it was just an ad telling potential advertisers how to contact the company for more information. Despite being so niche, it also features comedies, dramas, documentaries, and more on a host of subjects and throughout several genres. Everything featured has some connection to the exploitation and pulp genres. Perhaps best of all, Midnight Pulp has an autoplay feature so you can just let the channel play through.

Midnight Pulp is available from the Roku Channel Store.

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Anonymous said...

How is the quality of this channel? I've noticed certain channels when showing older exploitation and horror movies opt for pretty dodgy transfers. Are a good portion of them shown in decent quality and or anamorphic widescreen?

Manodogs said...

It's really good actually, depending on your connection. They look better than they did on video!