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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FrightPix - A Roku Channel

FrightPix is a new Roku player channel that features horror movies. There are actually several of these, though many of them carry little more than public domain "classics" (and not-so classics) and several of them feature the same flicks. FrightPix carries a host of horror movies not found on any of the other stations and many of them are actually quite good.

Unlike some of the newer channels, FrightPix does not have a rental option which eliminates commercial breaks but I do not mind the commercials. None of the movies are edited for content or time or anything like that, so the breaks are often ill-timed but a momentary diversion that rarely detract from the film.

Best of all, I do not think any of the movies are more than a few years old; the majority of them appear to have been released within the last five years or so. I was shocked that I did not recognize more of them but then I am not a fervent fan of... well really anything these days; more dedicated horror buffs are likely to recognize at least some of them.

Definitely worth adding! You can find FrightPix in your Channel Store.

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Anonymous said...

The last time I tried to watch a movie on Frightpix, I watched a straight 10 minutes of commercials after the movie had played for a mere 30 seconds. That's worse than over-the-air programming.

Manodogs said...

I've never encountered this problem though some channels have locked-up, forcing me to reboot the device. I don't think FrightPix has been one of those channels either though. IN general, I can't think of any problems I've had with this channel.

I haven't even encountered the endless commercial loop. In fact, I rarely get more than one or two commercials at a time. I've read about possible differences in delivery according to region but not much about it.