Friday, October 12, 2012

WoW Hacked, Toons Killed en Masse

Last Sunday, hackers apparently invaded European realms and laid waste to characters in major cities, both PCs and NPCs. Some reports indicate characters were also able to fly during the hack. While rumors spread rampantly at first, the hackers took credit for their work by posting videos on gaming sites shortly after pulling the stunt. Someone who identified himself as a culprit insisted he and his accomplices did nothing wrong, though entire realms were closed and had to be restarted after a hotfix was applied.

I myself tried to logon the day this was supposed to have happened. When the game opened, the message box indicated that people were having problems logging in and that Blizzard was aware of the situation. It then said more information would be available within the hour. And another was but it just repeated the same basic message. That one was timestamped about 12:30pm. I was trying to logon about an hour after it had been posted and was unable to do so at first. However a simple retry got me right in.

Reports indicate the issue continued for up to four hours before anyone responded to the problem. Some players are crying foul and want the hacker to be located and punished while others are said to have created level-one characters just to be slaughtered.

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