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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

YouTube Film May Not Have Sparked Attack

Authorities are now saying they believe the attacks on a Libyan US embassy were planned and not the result of mobs getting out of control. The embassy was apparently attacked by armed terrorists on 9/11. Outside, a crowd protested a 14-minute movie trailer posted on YouTube which portrays the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a bad light.

The trailer for the film, which has only been shown once and was not well attended, has been on YouTube since 2011 but it caused no stir until an Arabic translation was posted recently. The Arabic translation was removed following the attack on the embassy.

Newspapers tracked the film to a California real estate agent. Tuesday, pastor Terry Jones from Florida publicly endorsed the film. Jones made news years before for publicly staging a burning of the Koran. The filmmaker has since gone into hiding, fearing for his safety. A source related to the film said they had an idea this might happen when they made it.

World leaders have actually called on the UN and US government to hold the filmmakers responsible for promoting "hate speech," though the filmmaker stands behind his movie. The news that the attacks were planned may take the focus off the conversation of free speech vs. hate speech and incitement.

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