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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Roku - A Review

I will probably be adding to this in the comments over the next few weeks or months, as I only got the Roku TV box set device yesterday, but I have to say I am less than impressed. At least less impressed than I'd hoped to be.

First of all, Roku does not offer all of the free programming it would lead you to believe; most of the channels it offers are actually pay channels. You either have to subscribe or pay to rent/purchase viewings of programs for most content. Roku does provide Crackle for free, though it has advertising and that advertising is poorly placed and far more intrusive than on services like Hulu+ or even regular TV.

The Roku remote control is also lacking. It does not synch-up to your TV or devices, and controls only the Roku device itself. You cannot control the volume, or change channels on your TV, or do anything other than access the Roku menus. You will need at least two remote controls to use Roku comfortably. The Roku remote is also too small, though it is attractive.

All things told, I'd have to give Roku a basic rating of C to C+. The site and packaging stresses that they are always adding new services and programming, so I am hoping that is the case.

© C Harris Lynn, 2012

1 comment:

Manodogs said...

There are several more free stations in the Channel Store. You have to install the channels to see if they are free, though the better ones tell you their price in the description.

Honestly, some are confusing; I'm not sure if I'm going to be charged for them or how much. Overall, I give the process a C-. It's kind of fun to find neat channels and apps, but it's a time-consuming and sometimes laborious process.