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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Plan

Well guys (and gals), the plan here is to buy another refurbished computer with the specs I'm looking for and retiring the current box back into reserve status. You simply can't run much on 1GB RAM and taking it in will cost me about as much as a new refurbished computer. Remember that this one has a busted microphone in addition to only having 1 GB RAM, so there's a cost associated with taking it in and that cost could easily exceed $100.00.

I'm getting a 2 GB RAM PC with more features for only $179.00. I'll then either slave the old hard drive or have the data put on CD for easy transfer and we'll be back in business... at least until the next thunderstorm, when we'll have to cross our fingers, hope we unplug the phone in time, and wish for the best.

But the plan right now is to buy a new computer and go from there. I'll have to upgrade this reserve box and look into repairing some of the others on an irregular basis, when I have the time, money, and a way to get back and forth to the computer shop. Generally, I'm all for Frankensteining a box out of all these spare parts, but since so many were hit by lightning and I don't have a table, I have no way of knowing what's good and what's not... This is the best solution from my point of view.

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