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Friday, January 27, 2012

TUN3R Closed Forever

Unique streaming radio website, TUN3R, has apparently closed forever -- at least that is what its webpage says when you travel over there. I had noticed, about a month or so back, that there were fewer available channels playing when you tried to tune-in but had assumed the webmaster had simply not spent as much time maintaining the site as he should have. However, it appears that, for whatever reason, TUN3R has closed for good.

If you never used it, you missed-out on a uniquely designed website that culled many streaming stations from across the web and kept them in one place where you could "tune-in" to various genres and stations. It was as much fun to play with as it was to use, and it will be missed -- at least by this former TUN3R.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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