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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Correcting Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

In Blogger, as with most text editors (I believe they are referred to as "inline text editors"), you can toggle text formatting with the CTRL button.  CTRL-I makes the next word you type italicized; CTRL-B makes it boldfaced.  However, neither will work for me under Firefox 9.x on the new computer; both bring up the Bookmarks sidepanel.  So, I am working on solving this issue, because I toggle for text formatting quite often.

This may be some gaffe on my own system, but I don't think so.  I found some ideas as to how to change these configurations, but there is no longer an add-on called KeyConfig apparently, and I'm basically lost.  If anyone knows how to simply change the CTRL button functions in Firefox to ALT, I'd really appreciate the hint. Thanks!

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1 comment:

Manodogs said...

Apparently, this is the basic configuration for Firefox. I don't know how I got it to work in other versions, on other computers, because I do not recall ever changing anything in the configuration to actually make it work. If I had, I know I would at least have some idea as to where to look and what to do.