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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Entering the Cellular Age

Well, I finally got a real live smartphone. Well, it has Internet, text messaging, and all of that so it's as smart as it needs to be. I know next to nothing about these things; I worked in a beeper store in the late 1990s when these phones were just hitting the market, so everything I know from back then is null and void. I'm going to spend some time playing with it and learning all of its features, despite the fact that I will probably only use it to text, call people, and maybe check my e-mail once in a while if I'm expecting something important.

It's an Old School hand-me-down, but I don't mind a bit. I'm thankful to have it and you may see some posts from me through it here and there, just as I try out different things.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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