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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Touchpad Issues

So I got a laptop on which the menus would jump back and forth and it wouldn't allow you to write in the fields. Even the Start menu would scroll up and down constantly, and the fields in which you wanted to type would scroll to the right on their own.

My "solution" - as it still did this once in a while after this - was to remove and reinstall the touchpad from Device Manager. Like I say, this was not a complete solution, as I've noticed the issue returning a couple of times since then, but am not sure if that was before or after the entire process was complete.

I planned on removing and reinstalling the wireless mouse as well, but I don't have the specific software discs for doing that with me and don't want to get into another problem.

The laptop had water spilled on it and even though the owner couldn't say, I have a feeling it was only after this when the problem began.

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