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Monday, October 17, 2011

Vista Issues with IR

I have made several posts regarding the problems I was having with my mouse. It was mostly double-clicks and "click-throughs" (a term I borrowed to describe the phenomena of clicking on one thing and having it click-through to something underneath), but the cursor would also "reset" itself sometimes - appearing suddenly at the bottom or side of the screen.

I was using an IR mouse which has no problems on the 98 box, so I know it wasn't the mouse itself. In fact, I tried two or three mice, including a wheeled mouse, with the same results.

I finally switched to a generic wheeled mouse and somehow eliminated the problem. I'd love to tell you how or what I did, but I did nothing different. The other wheeled mouse is a Dell and, again, has no problems on the 98 box so it's fine. I tried a host of drivers, including IntelliPoint and Suite98 (on the Vista, just to be clear). Nothing worked until I uninstalled all the other drivers and suites and simply installed this generic wheeled mouse.

I'll say this much: I had to reload the drivers at least 5-10 times. You do this by removing them from the Device Manager (in Control Panel) and rebooting. On restart, the drivers will reload and it will ask you to reboot again, so you basically reboot twice. I performed this procedure 5-10 different times in succession, but I also think that switching from IR made a big difference.

If you're suffering from double-clicks and similar problems on Vista or Windows 7, there is no solution. It is in the KB and there are numerous discussions on technical and MicroSoft forums, but there is no solution; I firmly believe this is an internal issue between some drivers necessary on certain systems.

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