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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Firefox 6.0.2 is Available

I just got the update notice that Firefox 6.0.2 is available for update. I installed it without problem, but it gave me a notice that my Adobe Flash Player needed updating, which it would not let me do for some reason. I checked in my Programs List but could not determine the actual release number of my Adobe Flash Player, yet no matter how many times I clicked the download button, it refused to work.

It wants to update me to Adobe Flash Player I have no idea if I'm actually out-of-date or not, but it won't let me update it. I even temporarily disabled my AV program (which I've never had a problem with in this regard). I'll try again later today or tomorrow.

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Manodogs said...

I still can't get it to DL this Adobe Flash Player and I don't see it anywhere in my list of add-ons.

This may be why Hulu keeps crashing, as well as Windows Explorer.

Manodogs said...

This is definitely a FireFox issue.