Thursday, June 30, 2011

400 Bad Request on Blogger

The 400 Bad Request issue on Blogger started about 12:30amCST this morning and was still in effect when I woke-up around 10:30am. It was reported in the Help Forum early on by several members, including myself, and was eventually reported as being "worldwide" by one poster, though I never saw a Blogger Admin respond to any of the threads.

I cleared my cache and cookies, restarted the browser, reauthenticated, even rebooted -- all to no avail. This morning however, I went through Firefox and chose only the Blogger and BlogSpot cookies from my cache, cleared them and -- so far (knock wood) -- things seem to be okay.

Possibly crazier, this morning when I first got up and noticed the issue still occurring, the Help Forum was giving me 502 errors!

Anyway, the 400 Bad Request issue appears to be settled.

© C Harris Lynn, 2011

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